Like A Boss Show

This show can be booked in 20 min/ 40 min or the full 1 hour production. If you would like to get a "Boss" onto a stage for your audience then click here. I look forward to taking you on a small business owner's journey... Like A Boss. Howard collaborated with much celebrated and 2019 Life Time Achievement Award Winner for Comedy, Soli Philander, who directed “Like a Boss”. This has proved to be a perfect match. Soli’s many years of experience of stage performances is manifested in the show by meticulously combining the daunting topic of being an entrepreneur in a creative and humorous show.

Howard’s many years of motivational talks, public speaking and 21 years of business experience also shines through in this performance.“Like A Boss” is aimed at anybody who is thinking about starting a business, who has started a business or who has ever had a job. The show is seen from the point of view of an entrepreneur, The Boss. It gives insight into the mind of an entrepreneur and the many thoughts and decisions that goes into running a business.

The main objective of “Like A Boss” is to showcase the funny side of business and yet deliver a poignant message. It was also an introduction to Howard Johnson as a speaker around issues of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs will see that they are not alone in this journey and to persevere amidst adverse conditions to reach their business and personal goals.